It’s time to stop feeling powerless around food urges and lose the weight ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Losing weight while successfully overriding urges & cravings isn't common for most.

Most people give up.  But urges and cravings do dissolve themselves without willpower or resistance – that roadmap does exist. It takes a different approach to lose weight that takes this into consideration. A unique strategy where you can reach your weight loss goal and keep your results with relief from urges and cravings

Dieting This Way Is Exhausting

Many of the women and men I coach are frustrated with the amount of money, time, and energy spent on diets, workout programs, and gym memberships – after also trying online resources that didn’t help their results last. 

Not only are they short on time, but because of it, they think they “should know better by now” or be farther along than they are, or worse… that wherever they have gotten is as far as they’ll ever get.  

Have You Found Yourself...

Not doing the mental work for weight loss is like baking a cake without a leavener – the beautiful design you ultimately want will never rise the way it could.

You understand nutrition and exercise, but all that knowledge will be wasted unless you learn to focus your thoughts and harness your emotions.

I Help You Find The Way That WORKS

My coaching program is the perfect solution for the busy and ambitious woman or man with a weight loss physique goal.  Those who like the structure and routine of their life but can’t get past the cravings that keep them from achieving their dream body’s goal. 

How Does It Work?

I exclusively work one-on-one with women and men who are serious about their weight loss.

This is not another diet, so I’m not for everyone since I don’t provide a generic quick fix.

There are many ways to lose weight. But even with all of the information out there, in the end, only one way will truly work… the one that’s individualized and suited just for you.

Together, through private coaching calls and direct online access to me throughout the week, we will design a customized protocol that is adapted to your personal weight loss goals and your daily challenges – at home, at work, and when you’re by yourself.  There is no shame or judgement here.

What if you had a coach who understands the physical science and the mental strategies behind weight loss who is fully aware of your daily requirements and responsibilities, and who is expertly equipped to effectively handle your mental blocks and emotional struggles?

This is for you.

As a Life Coach, Sport Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer, I understand the physiological and cognitive science of the changes that happen in your body and in your mind during weight loss. But your journey is more than just science… it’s your unique desire and vision that make your journey worthwhile.

After working with me, you will:

We will have looked at every area of your life and you’ll feel stronger, be bolder and more self-assured than ever before. 

You won’t feel frenzied or anxious around food or calculate macros and calories in your head just because an urge is present. 

You won’t be overeating because you’ll know the difference between hunger and desire. 

You will feel comfortable and attractive in everything you wear.

You’ll trust every decision you make around food.

Best of all, you’ll finally feel like the confident individual you’ve always wanted to be knowing you’re truly on your way to your dream body.

This is the kind of work that makes results last.

Deciding to honor your commitments to yourself is where all change begins. 

Are you ready?


There is no better time for coaching than now.

Still not sure? 

This is what my clients have to say.


How would you explain my services (and coaching) to a friend?

She helped me discover exactly WHY I was eating when I really didn’t want to be eating, gaining clarity around feeling my feelings.  [She] kind of forced me into doing the things I wouldn’t do on my own and experiencing things I would not have thought to make myself do on my own that in the end led to breakthroughs after doing them. 

How did you come to choose me as your Life Coach?

The website really spoke to me as that is exactly the problems I’ve been dealing with my whole life. [T]his woman knows EXACTLY what I am dealing with [and] she can definitely help me because she has obviously solved them for herself. So I was inspired and understood. 

What were your health goals when you contacted me?

To lose 15lbs.  

Tell us about what changes you made in just a handful of weeks.

I have solved the problem of giving into urges completely. I no longer give into them. I allow them when they come up, I notice them. But I have completely changed my thoughts around who I am and what I struggle with and I have lost 6lbs and I feel there is nothing in the way of me losing the rest. 

What is the best part about having me as your Life Coach, Sport Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer?

You will go anywhere I need to go, [from] nutrition and food labels, to feeling my feelings, to resources that will help. 

Would you recommend my services? If so, why?

Yes absolutely, Nicole cares about her clients. I felt deeply cared for as a client and that she literally would do anything to help me lol. She offered me everything possible and looked at my specific issues from every angle possible, there was no hiding; I had to explain all my thoughts and feelings super clearly and detailed in order to get to the bottom of my real issues.

What unique challenges did you face on your journey to understanding how to control your weight? How did those challenges make you feel?

Challenges of doing it anyway, even though I knew that I needed to stop and feel discomfort and fighting with my brain on just not wanting to some times. The challenges felt frustrating and self-defeating. 

When you first considered Life Coaching, what were your concerns?

No concerns. I had hired coaches before and always gotten what I came for. For me, I knew that 1:1 coaching was the best way for me to see results in a certain area of my life.

What was the hardest part of this journey?

The whole time leading up to the time when it finally clicked. It finally worked and I finally understood what I needed to think to create the results I wanted. 

Anything else to add?

Thanks so much for the awarenesses, for not letting me quit, for keeping me accountable by being my coach, for teaching me that no food is good or bad food, for giving me the space and allowing me to do this the way that worked for me regardless of what everyone else is saying and the messages I hear from the weight loss community.  [T]he only things that matter are the things that work for me and giving me the space to explore that super freely without judgment without restriction, just love and caring and a deep sense of wanting to help. So many breakthroughs that lead to everything clicking into place. Also I let go of a lot of things. Let go of all the “Rules” I thought existed that I NEEDED to follow and didn’t want to or couldn’t, and just figured out what works for me and now feeling totally in control. [A]nd if I need to now implement tighter rules, I am 100% confident I can do that. So if it makes any sense, I created a loose structure that worked for me and from learning the thoughts that helped me keep to that without an issue, I can now have the confidence to apply any structure I may need to in the future. I proved to myself that I could do it my way and that it works.  

e.L. - Executive assistant

How would you explain my services (and coaching) to a friend?

Nicole’s training methods teach you not only to lose weight and get in shape but to change the way you think about food, actually the way you think about everything in your life and how you can change your thought process, so you set yourself up for success.

How did you come to choose me as your Life Coach?

Nicole and I have been friends for several years and I was aware that she had completed several programs for assistance in not only losing weight [but also] managing distorted eating habits.  I reached out to her in confidence because I’m in the fitness industry myself and was afraid to admit I was struggling with a problem.  Her personality and professionalism made her an excellent life coach and it was easy to open up to her about my challenges in my life.  She is caring and very dedicated to helping others, so I was glad I chose her to help me.

What were your fitness and health goals when you contacted me?

My fitness and health goals were to gain willpower and a good mental attitude to stay on a nutritious eating plan as a lifestyle.

Tell us about what changes you made in just a handful of weeks.

The changes I made in just a few weeks were a stronger belief in myself, the ability to change my way of thinking into a positive frame of mind and the power of journaling.

What is the best part about having me as your Life Coach, Weight Coach and Fitness Coach?

The best part of having Nicole as my Life Coach was my ability to be honest with her and really get down to the root causes of my problems.  Her coaching has given me life skills that I can use daily to help me. 

Would you recommend my services? If so, why?

I would recommend Nicole’s coaching to anyone and everyone who feels they lost hope in finding a diet plan that works, if you’ve tried every other weight loss fad and trend.  Nicole gives you the tools to build a foundation based upon hope and belief in yourself.

What unique challenges did you face on your journey to understanding how to control your weight? How did those challenges make you feel?

My challenges were entirely based upon my distorted way of thinking that if I didn’t have a date on the calendar as a goal [then] I didn’t have any willpower to control my overeating.

When you first considered Life Coaching, what were your concerns?

My biggest concern when I first considered Life Coaching was that it wasn’t for someone like me who wasn’t actually badly overweight but had bad eating habits, and that it wasn’t designed for that just as a weight loss program.

What was the hardest part of this journey?

The hardest part of this journey was believing that it was possible of working in my life.  Once I committed and used the methods I was taught, I immediately began to see results.

Anything else to add?

Nicole is a true professional with a great program and a strong desire to help people to change and succeed.  Her easy going nature and understanding of real problems having addressed several herself make her a joy to work with.  I am so grateful to Nicole for taking me into her program and helping me succeed.

A.A - Chief Strategist,
Extend Marketing, Inc.

“A relationship with food…what does that mean?  Reducing cravings…how do you do that?  Nicole Terwey is your ingenious guide in walking you through the framework that will not only get to the root of what’s causing those cravings, but also give you the tools you need to reduce and eventually eliminate them!  If you feel stuck-your workouts are no longer giving you the results you want to see, no matter how hard you try, you still binge eat those chips at 9pm, or you just can’t get rid of those last 10 pounds-I encourage you to reach out to Nicole.  There is no one more patient, sweet, funny, and encouraging to walk you through this process with!! ” ~ Ali


How would you explain my services (and coaching) to a friend?

It’s difficult to admit that you are doing things wrong, especially if you kind of know how and why, when you’ve run over the same ground so long that you’re not even sure where the path started. Nicole helped me back out and see the tiny, continuous triggers that were leading me daily into the ruts I’d worn in my thinking which lead to my actions. She broke it down into the most basic and earliest urges, which made the solutions seem both ridiculously easy and incredibly hard. Easy because it was simple. Hard because my behavior was so deeply rooted as to be automatic and “just the way it was.”

How did you come to choose me as your Life Coach?

I liked Nicole’s attitude and thought her way of looking at the problem was interesting and an approach I’d never tried. Her free course made me want to go deeper. (Also, USNA sister.)

What were your fitness and health goals when you contacted me?

I wanted to stop this constant decline I was seeing, and I wanted to reverse it. I instinctively felt that my problems were more than just health/weight, though. 

Tell us about what changes you made in just a handful of weeks.

I’m much less willing to be at the mercy of my urges to eat or procrastinate. Much of it was simply mindfulness of how often urges were coming at me. I’d given into them for so long that I didn’t even see them. I’ve learned to celebrate the process and set some new goals which are less result oriented, because the results will come if I focus on the process.

What is the best part about having me as your Life Coach, Weight Coach and Fitness Coach?

You asked a lot of questions that were hard to answer, which means you made me think more than I had or wanted to. Your program saw weight loss as a quantifiable measure of improvement, but it was never just about that. It really was a “Life” program.

Would you recommend my services? If so, why?

Absolutely. Nicole is so easy to work with and relentlessly positive. And patient. She asked all the right questions to get to the root of more problems than just overeating.

What unique challenges did you face on your journey to understanding how to control your weight? How did those challenges make you feel?

I have a lot of extra stresses in life and work, and I found a lot of similarities in how I was dealing with them as to how I dealt with food, so this wasn’t just about overeating, it really was about life. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I’m much more optimistic about the future now. I don’t dread it nearly as much because I can see positive changes. 

When you first considered Life Coaching, what were your concerns?

Cost was a concern, but honestly I felt it was worth the risk given how so many things I felt were hanging by a thread. I was mostly concerned that I would be too stubborn to make progress. 

What was the hardest part of this journey?

It’s hard to ask for or accept help when you feel like you are (or should be) at least a semi-successful adult. And some of this is so basic- it’s like I’m not adding or spelling right. If I’m so smart and accomplished, why is this so hard?

Anything else to add?

Thanks again for your patience. I read Atomic Habits and was relieved to see I had already stumbled on some things that were helping me. (And I’ll probably be re-reading it a few times) Your program came along at exactly the right time of that tiny wisdom (On day 79 in a row of running!) and helped me build on that. I think I’m going to be okay now. 

You can achieve permanent, sustainable weight loss.

All those times of being confused, tired and stressed with your weight and trying to stay ahead of your urges & cravings are over.

Life keeps going no matter what your weight or shape is.  Don’t let another day of anxiety-filled weight loss and weight regain repeat itself. 

It’s time to invest in your mental, emotional and physical health now.

Become the person you’ve always imagined – in control of your decisions around food so you can finally live in your dream body.