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It’s time to stop feeling powerless around your urges to overeat and/or binge eat and lose the weight ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Losing weight while successfully ending urges to overeat or binge eat isn't common for most.

Most people give up.  But urges to overeat or binge eat do dissolve themselves without willpower or resistancethat roadmap does exist. It takes a different approach to lose weight that takes this into consideration. A unique strategy where you can reach your weight loss goal and keep your results with relief from food urges

Dieting This Way Is Exhausting

Many of the women I coach are frustrated with the amount of money, time, and energy spent on diets, workout programs, and gym membershipsafter also trying online resources that didn’t help their results last. 

Not only are they short on time, but because of it, they think they “should know better by now” or be farther along than they are, or worse… that wherever they have gotten is as far as they’ll ever get.  

Have You Found Yourself...

Not doing the mental and emotional work for weight loss is like baking a cake without a leavenerthe beautiful design you ultimately want will never rise the way it could.

You understand nutrition and exercise, but all that knowledge will be wasted unless you learn to focus your thoughts and harness your emotions.

I Help You Find The Way That WORKS

My coaching program is the perfect solution for the busy and ambitious woman with a weight loss goal.  Those who like the structure and routine of their life but can’t get past the urges to overeat or binge eat that keep them from achieving the body they desire. 

How Does It Work?

I exclusively work with women who are serious about their weight loss.

This is not another diet, so I’m not for everyone since I don’t provide a generic quick fix.

If you’re a fitness-focused woman who is constantly facing weekly or daily urges to overeat and/or binge eat, then this is for YOU.

The Undoing Urges Weight Loss Program is the only game plan of its kind that specifically targets urges to overeat and binge eat and diminishes them to the point where they are no longer a problem for you… Where the physique you desire is attainable and sustainable.

There is no shame or judgement here. Through weekly coaching calls and direct online access to me, as well as the tried-and-true methods available to you to end your struggle with overeating and binge eating, you will be in a uniquely safe place to work through your challenges effectively. 

You’re not new to fitness and nutrition; in fact, you love what the lifestyle has provided for you. That’s how you’re acutely aware that if your urges to overeat or binge eat weren’t a problem, then weight loss and weight maintenance would be easy.

Going on one final weight loss journey can be your reality…

This is for you.

As a Life Coach, Sport Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer, I understand the physiological and cognitive science of the changes that happen in your body and in your mind during weight loss. But your journey is more than just science… it’s your unique desire and vision that make your journey worthwhile.

After working with me, you will:

We will have looked at the core of what you’re experiencing and you’ll feel stronger, be bolder and more self-assured than ever before. 

You won’t feel frenzied or anxious around food or calculate macros and calories in your head just because an urge is present. 

You won’t be overeating or binge eating because you’ll know the difference between hunger and desire. 

You’ll trust every decision you make around food.

Best of all, you’ll finally feel like the confident woman you’ve always wanted to be knowing you’re truly on your way to your dream body.

This is the kind of work that makes results last.

Deciding to honor your commitments to yourself is where all change begins. 

Ready to start?


There is no better time for coaching than now.

Still not sure? 

This is what my clients have to say.

anonymous - recent client

Think back on how you felt before starting coaching with me and why you were stuck. What were you struggling with in terms of food, eating, and weight loss? What stopped you from achieving that goal?

Before starting the Undoing Urges program I was feeling very hopeless and desperate about my weight.  I felt totally stuck and out of control with food and couldn’t see a way out.  I have done a lot of weight loss programs, nutrition and exercise training and mindset work over the years but was having trouble applying all the knowledge and skills I have learnt.  I have a very busy life with young children, working full time, family illness and recovering from a major ankle injury.  I would find myself stress eating whenever I was home with my kids and in the ‘rush hour’ when we all got home in the afternoons and I had a million things to do.  I would be so hard on myself every time I ate off plan and was stuck in a cycle of restrict/binge eating, always trying to do extreme diets and plans to make up for my overeating and ‘erase’ the damage I had just done.  I was exhausted and knew there had to be a better way.

What unique challenges did you face on your journey to understanding how to control your urges to overeat? How did those challenges make you feel?

It was hard to let go of my expectations to lose all my weight very quickly due to the extreme diets I have done in the past and accepting that true change is a slow process.  We all want results NOW and I was used to seeking validation through weight loss achievements.  The trouble was I always gained it back just as quickly as I’d lost it so then had to do something extreme again to get back to where i had just been.  Through doing the Undoing Urges program and coaching with Nicole, it really helped me break this cycle and for the first time in my life I feel I’m on a path that I can sustain forever.  I still have to catch myself contemplating the next ‘miracle diet’ but I don’t act on it anymore.  

When you first considered coaching, what were you unsure about before you invested in group coaching? What, specifically, made you want to apply?

After doing so many weight loss, nutrition, diet and mindset programs already and having invested so much money and time into solving my food and weight issues, I was really hesitant to just sign up for another program – what if it didn’t work, what if I waste more time and money, what if I’m just broken? But there was something about Nicole that felt different.  From doing her mini undoing urges email course I felt I could really relate to her and that she understood exactly where I was and how to help me because she had been there herself and got out of it.  

Tell us about what changes you made in just a few months. What have you specifically achieved in the Undoing Urges Weight Loss Program?

Everything has changed for me!  It blows my mind to think back to where I was at the beginning of this program.  I had so many mindset flips from the videos, worksheets and through coaching with Nicole.  It really is a process and it felt like it all came together towards the end and I suddenly realised I was no longer panicked around food or ate in a frenzy in those stressful times.  My stress didn’t change, if anything it got worse while I was doing the program, but my behaviour changed dramatically.  I learnt tools to help regulate my nervous system and actually listen to my body, which was in itself life changing.  I also stopped restricting my food so much and allowed myself to eat a wider variety of foods, which has been so much more enjoyable and reduced my stress and anxiety around food massively.  Nicole gave me permission to not be perfect and her coaching was invaluable.  I feel like a completely different person!

Any good stories that immediately come to mind where you have shown triumph over adversity?

It has been very apparent how much I have grown from the Undoing Urges program over the current holiday period.  This was the first Christmas and New Years that I can remember feeling ‘normal’ around food and alcohol and actually just enjoying spending time with family and friends, not obsessing about calories, weight and diets.  I remember looking at all of the food on Christmas day and not feeling any desire to eat the desserts or drink in excess.  I was so much more in tune with my body that I didn’t overeat and it felt amazing.  I didn’t feel deprived, I didn’t feel guilty and I didn’t feel terrible the next day.  I even went for a run the next day out of pleasure and because I felt so good, not to ‘make up’ for what I’d eaten. 

How is life different now? What have you achieved?

I am way less consumed by food, calories and strict meal plans.  I have stopped the obsessive searching for ‘the perfect plan’ that will miraculously solve everything.  My life feels move intuitive and FUN.  I look forward to spontaneous social events and dates with my husband because I know I can still do those things without ‘ruining’ anything.  I no longer start a new diet or strict meal plan on Monday, after bingeing all weekend.  Life feels so much more normal, which is exactly what I wanted – more than weight loss it turns out.  I am slowly losing weight, but I am way less concerned about my weight now as I feel confident it will come off over time with practice and consistency.  My mindset has totally changed and I am just so much nicer to myself (and everyone else!). 

How would you describe the value of the Undoing Urges Weight Loss Program to someone who's thinking about coaching but they're on the fence?

Nicole has really developed something amazing in this program.  It is unlike anything I have done in the past and I have done a LOT of programs! I always felt like something was missing, but after doing the UUWLP it all makes sense and I see everyday how much I have changed my behaviour, mindset and relationship to food, exercise and my urges.  If you are willing to do the work and trust the process, this program can really change your life!

What has been the best part of coaching with Nicole? How would you describe me to another woman who is struggling the way you were struggling before working with me?

Nicole has been amazing throughout this whole program.  She is so kind and caring and I always felt so safe, understood and supported by her in this journey.  She really understands what its like when you are in the trenches and exactly what you need in that moment in time to turn things around.  I cannot say enough about her, she truly is an incredible coach and if you put in the work she will do everything she can to help you reach your goals.  

Is there anything I've missed? Anything you'd like people to know?

This program has truly changed my life, which I never thought was possible.  I cannot thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to work with you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart xx


How would you explain my services (and coaching) to a friend?

She helped me discover exactly WHY I was eating when I really didn’t want to be eating, gaining clarity around feeling my feelings.  [She] kind of forced me into doing the things I wouldn’t do on my own and experiencing things I would not have thought to make myself do on my own that in the end led to breakthroughs after doing them. 

How did you come to choose me as your Life Coach?

The website really spoke to me as that is exactly the problems I’ve been dealing with my whole life. [T]his woman knows EXACTLY what I am dealing with [and] she can definitely help me because she has obviously solved them for herself. So I was inspired and understood. 

What were your health goals when you contacted me?

To lose 15lbs.  

Tell us about what changes you made in just a handful of weeks.

I have solved the problem of giving into urges completely. I no longer give into them. I allow them when they come up, I notice them. But I have completely changed my thoughts around who I am and what I struggle with and I have lost 6lbs and I feel there is nothing in the way of me losing the rest. 

What is the best part about having me as your Life Coach, Sport Nutrition Specialist, and Personal Trainer?

You will go anywhere I need to go, [from] nutrition and food labels, to feeling my feelings, to resources that will help. 

Would you recommend my services? If so, why?

Yes absolutely, Nicole cares about her clients. I felt deeply cared for as a client and that she literally would do anything to help me lol. She offered me everything possible and looked at my specific issues from every angle possible, there was no hiding; I had to explain all my thoughts and feelings super clearly and detailed in order to get to the bottom of my real issues.

What unique challenges did you face on your journey to understanding how to control your weight? How did those challenges make you feel?

Challenges of doing it anyway, even though I knew that I needed to stop and feel discomfort and fighting with my brain on just not wanting to some times. The challenges felt frustrating and self-defeating. 

When you first considered Life Coaching, what were your concerns?

No concerns. I had hired coaches before and always gotten what I came for. For me, I knew that 1:1 coaching was the best way for me to see results in a certain area of my life.

What was the hardest part of this journey?

The whole time leading up to the time when it finally clicked. It finally worked and I finally understood what I needed to think to create the results I wanted. 

Anything else to add?

Thanks so much for the awarenesses, for not letting me quit, for keeping me accountable by being my coach, for teaching me that no food is good or bad food, for giving me the space and allowing me to do this the way that worked for me regardless of what everyone else is saying and the messages I hear from the weight loss community.  [T]he only things that matter are the things that work for me and giving me the space to explore that super freely without judgment without restriction, just love and caring and a deep sense of wanting to help. So many breakthroughs that lead to everything clicking into place. Also I let go of a lot of things. Let go of all the “Rules” I thought existed that I NEEDED to follow and didn’t want to or couldn’t, and just figured out what works for me and now feeling totally in control. [A]nd if I need to now implement tighter rules, I am 100% confident I can do that. So if it makes any sense, I created a loose structure that worked for me and from learning the thoughts that helped me keep to that without an issue, I can now have the confidence to apply any structure I may need to in the future. I proved to myself that I could do it my way and that it works.  

A.A - Chief Strategist,
Extend Marketing, Inc.

“A relationship with food…what does that mean?  Reducing cravings…how do you do that?  Nicole Terwey is your ingenious guide in walking you through the framework that will not only get to the root of what’s causing those cravings, but also give you the tools you need to reduce and eventually eliminate them!  If you feel stuck-your workouts are no longer giving you the results you want to see, no matter how hard you try, you still binge eat those chips at 9pm, or you just can’t get rid of those last 10 pounds-I encourage you to reach out to Nicole.  There is no one more patient, sweet, funny, and encouraging to walk you through this process with!! ” ~ Ali


How would you explain my services (and coaching) to a friend?

It’s difficult to admit that you are doing things wrong, especially if you kind of know how and why, when you’ve run over the same ground so long that you’re not even sure where the path started. Nicole helped me back out and see the tiny, continuous triggers that were leading me daily into the ruts I’d worn in my thinking which lead to my actions. She broke it down into the most basic and earliest urges, which made the solutions seem both ridiculously easy and incredibly hard. Easy because it was simple. Hard because my behavior was so deeply rooted as to be automatic and “just the way it was.”

How did you come to choose me as your Life Coach?

I liked Nicole’s attitude and thought her way of looking at the problem was interesting and an approach I’d never tried. Her free course made me want to go deeper. (Also, USNA sister.)

What were your fitness and health goals when you contacted me?

I wanted to stop this constant decline I was seeing, and I wanted to reverse it. I instinctively felt that my problems were more than just health/weight, though. 

Tell us about what changes you made in just a handful of weeks.

I’m much less willing to be at the mercy of my urges to eat or procrastinate. Much of it was simply mindfulness of how often urges were coming at me. I’d given into them for so long that I didn’t even see them. I’ve learned to celebrate the process and set some new goals which are less result oriented, because the results will come if I focus on the process.

What is the best part about having me as your Life Coach, Weight Coach and Fitness Coach?

You asked a lot of questions that were hard to answer, which means you made me think more than I had or wanted to. Your program saw weight loss as a quantifiable measure of improvement, but it was never just about that. It really was a “Life” program.

Would you recommend my services? If so, why?

Absolutely. Nicole is so easy to work with and relentlessly positive. And patient. She asked all the right questions to get to the root of more problems than just overeating.

What unique challenges did you face on your journey to understanding how to control your weight? How did those challenges make you feel?

I have a lot of extra stresses in life and work, and I found a lot of similarities in how I was dealing with them as to how I dealt with food, so this wasn’t just about overeating, it really was about life. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I’m much more optimistic about the future now. I don’t dread it nearly as much because I can see positive changes. 

When you first considered Life Coaching, what were your concerns?

Cost was a concern, but honestly I felt it was worth the risk given how so many things I felt were hanging by a thread. I was mostly concerned that I would be too stubborn to make progress. 

What was the hardest part of this journey?

It’s hard to ask for or accept help when you feel like you are (or should be) at least a semi-successful adult. And some of this is so basic- it’s like I’m not adding or spelling right. If I’m so smart and accomplished, why is this so hard?

Anything else to add?

Thanks again for your patience. I read Atomic Habits and was relieved to see I had already stumbled on some things that were helping me. (And I’ll probably be re-reading it a few times) Your program came along at exactly the right time of that tiny wisdom (On day 79 in a row of running!) and helped me build on that. I think I’m going to be okay now. 

You can achieve permanent, sustainable weight loss.

All those times of being confused, frustrated and overwhelmed with your weight and trying to stay ahead of your urges to overeat and binge eat are over.

Life keeps going no matter what.  Don’t let another day of anxiety-filled weight loss and weight regain repeat itself. 

It’s time to invest in your mental, emotional and physical health now.

Become the woman you’ve always imaginedin control of your decisions around food so you can finally live in the body you desire.