Own the Undoing Urges Mini-Course

An in-depth video series that explains where your food urges come from, how to tell the difference from physical hunger, and how to break the sabotaging habit of overeating.

This is the mental strategy you need to achieve & sustain weight loss.

How to Make an Urge Less Urgent

One of the hardest things for me to understand when I started undoing my urges to eat more food was that I was responsible for creating them.  Intellectually, I understood
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Kiss Your Food 💋

Have you ever worked hard on something but felt like you were missing a step? It’s easy enough to find that missing piece if, say, you’re putting a puzzle together
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Diet Thoughts

So, why ARE we overweight?   We’re overweight because we keep overeating.  (Ugh, how my heart hates hearing that) When we stop overeating and we eat only what our body
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This Is What I Know

This is what I want to say… I want to be fit and lean while being in control. Always. Getting fit and lean isn’t the hard part.  Being in control is.
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How to Stop Overeating

There are two reasons why we overeat: Overhunger Overdesire In order to stop overeating, then you have to stop eating more than your body needs for fuel. That’s it. So
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