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Resisting urges & cravings every day wasn't my idea of a life well-lived.

In fact, it was defeating.
Resisting led to fighting.  And I never won.
I wanted to be done dieting.
I needed the mental, emotional, and physical plan that would help me understand my urges and cravingsand how to stop giving in to them.

I found the roadmap to controlling cravings.

I didn’t want to sacrifice my physique goals because urges and cravings were an obstacle.

Other people around me were achieving fat loss success… Why not me?

I felt corneredeither choose my physique goals while resisting and fighting cravings, or choose the path of least resistance by eating what I wanted but never being as fit as I dreamed. 

I wanted to believe I had more options than that.

Nichole Terwey Military Fitness Coach

Nicole Terwey ~ Certified Life Coach, Sport Nutrition Specialist, & Certified Personal Trainer

I served in the U.S. Navy for nearly 10 years, and throughout my time in active duty, my weight impacted the sense of pride and commitment for serving. I didn’t want to admit it, but my weight was draining my self-confidence as a smart woman and as a leaderand I felt so guilty for feeling that way. 

I tried every diet (natural and legal) and workout program to lose the weight (which worked) and to keep it off (which didn’t).  I even became a Certified Personal Trainer hoping that the knowledge I acquired would help me undo my urges around food.  

I felt guilty calling myself a leaderboth in the military and in fitnessbecause I never wanted my family and colleagues to know I couldn’t resist my urges and cravings around food.  

I felt ashamed of myself when my clothes and uniform were tight again on Monday mornings.  I so badly wanted to lose the weight permanently, but my urges and cravings overpowered me no matter what diet I was on.  I found nothing that fit into my job’s hours, my lifestyle or my goals of losing weight for good.

Nicole Terwey coaching

I Kept Believing Permanent Weight Loss Was Possible... Even For Me

I was beyond determined to find the solution for myself, and when I found it, I vowed to teach it to women who wanted the same for themselves. 

Even though I was a certified Personal Trainer, a Sport Nutrition Specialist and earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, it was Life Coaching that taught me how to keep the weight off permanently.  

Weight loss is a mental and emotional strategy, and permanent, sustainable weight loss requires managing your mind and emotions.  That’s how you undo your urges and, ultimately, lose the weight once and for all.  I became a certified Life Coach to teach the cognitive commitment tools that can only come from rewiring thought patterns in your brain.

Weight Goes Down as a Result of Increased Confidence—Not the Other Way Around

There is no program designed specifically for permanent, sustainable weight loss that focuses on undoing urges. Typical weight loss programs are missing this most critical piece. They have the nutrition and exercise pieces, but they don’t explain the mental-emotional tie-in that is the key for lasting results.  

Among all the diets and weight loss programs I tried, I couldn’t find the solution anywhere. 

So I created it.

My career is focused solely on thishelping women lose weight CONFIDENTLY, PERMANENTLY, and SUSTAINABLY.  

I love, more than anything, helping a woman who has a dream for her body, health, and life.  A dream that reflects the pride of her achievements, a dream that embodies what she desires to look like, feel like, and how to live the very best life that is within her. 

I love helping women who want to get out of their own way to accomplish her weight loss goals and physique goals but doesn’t know how to, or is afraid to start. Urges and cravings can be fearful.  Trust me, I know.  But they can also be undone.  On top of serving in the Navy and being a good wife and daughter, being a Life Coach for women on a permanent, sustainable weight loss journey is one of the greatest honors of my life. 

I know what you’re going through and, believe me, there is nothing wrong or broken about you.  Like me, you’re a smart woman who knows there is a solution out there for your problem. You know that once your cravings are no longer a problem, then your physique goals are as good as done.  Then what would your life be like?  

You’ve come this far… it’s time for me to help you get the rest of the way through to true weight loss success.

You Are Not Alone in Your Weight Loss Struggles with Your Urges & Cravings

You’re a determined woman who likes to set goals and reach them. When we work together, I am your dedicated Coach.  Our time together is dedicated to finding the root causes of your problems, understanding them and working through them. 

My specialty lies in creating a safe space for you to unload ALL the things that are materializing in the form of additional fat on your body. And we work through every single bit of it… urges and cravings, especially.

We’ll create a plan designed specifically for you to undo your urges, so you get the results you want for your body. In my experience and in others, weight loss is more effortless and beautiful than you would think once you’ve worked through all the reasons that have kept you from achieving your goals in the past. 

If you’re currently having trouble losing weight and keeping it off because of your urges around food, then let’s talk. I’ve been in the thick of it with giving into urges and cravings and feeling like I would never recover, or feeling like I would be forced to fight them for as long as I kept the desire to be lean and athletic. But I did recover. My dreams mattered.

Your dreams MATTER.